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About us

Excellence in science, medical & behavioral health


Our Mission

We are passionate about helping people reach their full potential and using media as a catalyst for positive change.


Our Leaders

have served as creative directors, writers, designers, and producers for a wide variety of educational, motivational, and marketing media productions.


Our Goal

is to partner in the development of engaging educational media in a platform that is artistic, hospitable, and intuitive for all users.


Our Invitation to You

We seek opportunities to partner with clients to educate, interact, and inspire audiences to build healthier, more responsible and more enjoyable lives.

What We Do

How can we inspire positive change? That's the idea driving everything we do.


If you’re going to change the status quo, you need the right approach. We can help motivate your audience to act. We design communication for eLearning, presentations, radio broadcasts, video, and web sites.


Tailor the learning to the needs of your audience. Why are they motivated to listen and learn? We help you answer that quickly, effectively, and creatively, whether your audience is a group of physicians, patients, or people with special needs.


Interaction is key for practice and recall. We can help your learners emerge with new skills and a solid foundation for putting what they’ve learned into practice. Well-designed surveys and activities help users interact with fellow participants as well as the content presented.


We study our audience’s goals, and we learn about the challenges they face. We passionately believe in the value of building healthier lives, and we design creative ways to inspire people to keep on investing with the best they have to offer.

our projects

Here are some productions we have enjoyed creating.


We take pride in our work.


Telly Award

Winner of 5 Telly Awards

Winner of 5 Telly's highest awards for Join; Hands Save Lives including a people's choice.

Summit Creative Award

Summit Creative Award

Winner of Summit Creative awards for CSI: The Experience, with writing and guidance of CSI: The Experience Website done by Live For Life Media's Principal.

Our Clients

Here are a few of our clients we have been privileged to work with.